Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2.11 My favorite food

My favorite food is avocado. My most favorite avocado dish is Cobb salad. I eat it almost everyday. I grew avocado plants from seed in last summer, and I watered them every day. Now, they are growing steadily. One of them is shooting out branches and starting to become a tree. Someday I would like to harvest the fruit from my avocado tree.

3.11 Music is an important part of my life.

I really like music, so music is an important part of my life. If I listen to music, I will encouraged, take off my fatigue then. I listen to many songs, so I like listen many songs. I always change to listening music by whether my feel like it, because I'm different from songs by whether my feel like it. I need to music part of my life.

3.10 What I would like to do when I get older.

I would like to do when I get older. I would like to try to do for many hobbies and go to different countries. I haven't enough time and enough money. I think I have been to gone since four years ago. I never gone foreign countries, so I would like to go to many foreign counties after five years. After I get a job, I would like to try many things when I get older.

3.9 I often get frustrated.

I like study English, but I come at YMCA college and I often get frustrated. It has who can speak English people. Most of the people have the English speaking world around me. Many friends are better than me, so I think that I can't English for every lessons. I feel frustrated then, but I think try to do my best from now on.

Monday, July 19, 2010

3.8 I very much dislike..., because...

I very much dislike all of fishes, because I have an allergic reaction. I threw up all I had eaten when I was an elementary schoolchild. I hate them. I can't even watch and touch them. If I watch them, I will feel unwell. The Japanese people usually eat the fish. They usually eat sushi, but I can't eat sushi. I don't think delicious it.

3.7 My first flight.

My first flight was Hokkaido when I was a high school. I went to Hokkaido on a school excursion. I enjoyed Hokkaido that I went to there. My first flight was very exciting and so impressed. I didn't know how to flight by an airplane. I like to fly on the sky and a cloud by before a moment. I would like to take a airplane once more.

6.11 The happiest moment of my life.

The happiest moments of my life are when I talk with my family. I got married since last spring, so I have a partner. I have new parents, a brother and relatives. This is a big family. We are always talking about today's topic, my husband's work, friends and my school life.
It is difficult to live with another person, but I feel that it is very interesting and it makes me smile too. I think that it is important to be considerate to the people who are around you.
From Akiko

6.10 I believe in God.

Hello, everyone. Summer has come. What do you think about God? I believe in God.
I have liked to go to temples and shrines since I was a little girl. I can see the old buildings and some kinds of state of Buddha there. After praying for health, I can become composed. I feel that God protects people, so I will do my best. How are you?
From Akiko

6.9 My favorite and least liked foods

My favorite foods is noodles. Such as spaghetti, ramen and udon. I especially like "Sanuki" udon. This is a sturdy udon, and it is very delicious. I like both hot and cold udon very much. When I was little, I very often got sick. I never have no appetite, so my parents always prepared very very soft udon. It was really delicious. That memory still lingers in my mind.
I often eat udon. Whenever I am sick, I want to eat udon.
My least liked foods is a liver. I don't like the smell of the raw liver and the sense of touch. I know that It is very rich in nutrition, but I don't feel it is delicious. If you know how to cook delicious liver, Please tell me.
from akiko

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6.8 I am happy when

Hello, everyone! Summer has come hasn't it? Let's have a nice summer vacation.
By the way, I would like to write about my happy moment. I am happy when I eat some delicious foods. After my wedding, I tried to make new dishes everyday,but continuing it was difficult. goI have liked cooking and entertaining some time. Sometimes, I eat out with my husband. It is usually very delicious and it makes me very happy. Occasionally when I eat out, I can see many creative delisious foods. I am starting to get a large repertoire of my own dishes too. How about you?

6.7 Why I like animals.

Hi, everybody!! Recently, It has been raining all over Japan hasn't it? It is unusual weather. I hope for a beautiful summer to come. By the way, I like animals very much. When I was a little girl, I wanted to go to the zoo and aquarium every weekends. In those days, I liked elephants, giraffes, dolphins and whales very much because, they were very big and looked carefree. Their eyes were very small and cute. Of course, I've never stopped liking them. How about you?
From; akiko

2.10 My most embarrassing moment

I will talk about an embarrassing moment that happened last month. I was waiting for the train at the station, and I was in the head of the line. It happened tat he time the train arrived. My left leg got caught between the train and the platform just as I began to get into the train. As the station staff was helping me, all people in the train and stood in the line gazing at me. I was so embarrassed that I blushed with shame.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

2.9 My experience at the hospital

In the summer about three years ago, I was in a traffic accident. I broke my left leg, and I stayed in the hospital for about two months. That summer was very important for me, because the interviews for college seminars were imminent. Many people supported me during this time, for example my family, my friends, the doctor and the nurses, and even my roommates in the hospital. Thanks to them, I could take part in the college seminars . I had two roommates. They had very different backgrounds. I heard many interesting stories from them. I was badly hurt and lost some chances to do important things because of this accident. However, I also realized the importance of the people around me, and I was able to meet various people. I think this accident was a difficult experience, but it gave me courage to try new things.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1.11 Why I like animals

My family didn't like animals, so I couldn't raise a pet at home. However, I really liked a pet and wanted to raise it. When I left the army, I decided buy a pet. My friend worked at pet shop recommended me a very cute pet! I didn't hesitated to buy it because I fell in love with it when I met him. Every day, I played with 'Kamangi' who name of my pet for 1 year. He made me happy and knew what raise something need to follow responsibility. From these days, I will be liked more animals until now.

4 11 The things that get me upset

Hi. Today is very hot and temperature raise up 30 degree. When I was high school student, I had a large number of money in a wallet. but I went shopping in Sinsaibashi and I enter the inside a store. Then I realized that I had lost my wallet. I searched around me for the wallet but I couldn't find a my wallet . I was in very low spirit.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2.8 This is my favorite sport.

I like to watch tennis. I hardly ever miss the four Grand Slam tournaments. My favorite tennis player is Fernando Gonzalez. He is Chilean. I was glued to the TV, when I saw him for the first time. His play is powerful, dynamic and sometimes funny. A lot of tennis fans are attracted to him. However, his matches are not broadcasted very much, because he is not very famous among the Japanese. What is worse, He damaged his right knee, so he can't even participate in the tournaments. I'm concerned about his recovery, and I'm waiting for hopeful comeback.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5.8. Music is an important part of my life

Hi, there. Are you music person? Music is an important part of my life because music was helping me. When I was child, I was much shyer than now but I was playing the guitar so that I manage to have a conversation with my friends who are interested in the guitar or music. I don't often play the guitar in front of people, but I like a music and guitar indeed. A music makes me relax and enjoyable.

4 10 If I could become invisible

Hi, Every one. How do you feel today? good? I'm pretty good and today's weather is very hot. by the way If you were invisible person what are you doing? If I could become invisible person, I trespass on the Diet Building and the prime minister's official residence because It's a mystery place.I hope meet the prime minister.

2.7 This is my hobby.

I have many hobbies. I will introduce one of my hobbies today. It's star watching. I don't know about astronomy very well, but I'm very fond of stars. In my childhood, I used to go to "The Hotani Outdoor Center" with my father because there was a big astronomical telescope. I was very impressed when I couldn't see Saturn's ring because of the angle that I was looking at it. Even now I often watch meteoric swarms. My parent's birthplace is the ideal spot for watching a meteoric swarms. You can see a lot of stars there, and they are brighter and more beautiful than them in cities. The next famous meteor shower is the "Perseids" in August. I'm looking forward to it.

1.10 My first flight.

Hi. Today is hot, isn't it? Maybe the weather will be very hot next week as well. By the way, do you like flying? Have you ever been on a flight? I really like airports and planes, so I have occasionally gone to Incheon airport. It is a very exciting place for me. I used to see many people and read books. When I came to Japan 3 years ago, it was my first flight. Before boarding I was very nervous, but I felt that the plane was cool! I couldn't believe that I could see the clouds, the sea, the mountains and many buildings from high up in the sky. The clouds looked so soft and the other things very small.
When did you first board a flight? How did you feel?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3.6 The greatest vacation ever.

I had ever seen to JEJUNG of TOHOSHINKI in 2007. TOHOSHINKI is name of the group. This is the greatest vacation ever in my life. I met him and I changed in my heart what something to that.He is Korean and 24 years old. He is cool face, sweet voice, really a muscle, and cute! He is perfect man for me. He is very close to my image of the ideal man. Their songs have a lots of popular songs. My favorite songs is Share the world of their songs. I really like him! I n this summer vacation, I will go to their concert. I looking forward to their concert in this summer! He is in the center.

5.7 ways in which troubled kids can be helped

Hi there. I want to figure out what I can do about kid's problems around the world. There are two types of children. One types is wealthy and they have an education, and the other type is poor and they have been attacked by domestic war. when I saw the second group in a picture I was very shocked, because they have been affected by mine, so some of them lost their eyes and they are just waiting for death. War is happening all the time. Sometimes we feel helpless to stop it. What can we do? I want to pray to stop war and for the world to become a better place.

4 9 I often get frustrated

Hi. Today is very hot and temperature raise up 30 degree. Did you often get frustrated? I often get frustrated. I'm in very low spirit everyday because I can't pronounce English well in the class.My classmate often help me with English on school hours.I deeply appreciated their cooperation.I must more study English and get pronounce English. I will stick it out !


3.5 When I turn 16.

I would like to do for many things when I turn 16. For example, go to a lots of artist concert, wear a mini skirt, go on a trip with my friend. I really like go to a concert, but I haven't enough a free time and enough money now. I have gone a trip when I was a child. I can't remember about a child's trip. I would like to go to Hokkaido when I turn 16. I heard from somebody that Hokkaido's food have delicious food. I want to live Hokkaido in domestic.

1.9 What I would do if I were rich

Good morning everyone. How are you feeling today? I'm very good but little sleepy because today's weather is very hot. I don't like what get sweat, do you? Today I want to talk about 'What I would do if were rich' . Do you want to be a rich and what do you think a rich? I also want to be a rich for two means. First I want to be a rich man who have much money. Nowadays If you don't have any money, you never get along on. So a money is very important thing. If I were rich, I want to save it at bank and I will give to charity my half of money. Second I want to be a rich who have lots of person who thinking me value. It is very difficult to come true but if I everyday try to do my best, it is not difficult for me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

5.6 my biggest goal in life

Hi, everyone. I'm doing well. Today I'm going to share about my biggest goal in life. Actually I have not really thought about my future, but I faced to a trial few days ago then I started think what do I want to do in the future. I was studying English without a goal so far and I thought it is not a good plan. Therefore, I set my goal that being a teacher. The reason of I want to be a teacher is I heard lots of things about teacher since I started studying English. I don't know this job is suitable for me and my skill and personality aren't good enough to be this job yet, but I just go hard and I study for my achivment. Finally I hope I can get a good job and I will be able to a men of men near future as well.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

1.8 My favorite sports.

Hi.everyone. How is it going? I'm very good. Recently the weather is very confusing, isn't it? So everyone take care of your healthy. Today I'm going to talk about my favorite sports. It is a soccer. Do you like soccer? I really like to see a soccer match and play it, too. And Park Ji Sung who play at The Manchester United in England is one of my best player of soccer. He is same old with me. Who is your favorite player?, and what is your favorite soccer team? I had played soccer once a week until 3 years ago, but now I don't play soccer because I am in Japan and I don't know where can play soccer. This year is very excited to me because The World Cup will be hold on June in South Africa. It is a festival to the world people who soccer fan. The Korea national team is little weak than other country teams but I believe that they will make a good record and do their best!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6. 6 I get scared when...

I get scared when I saw two robber at the post office. One day, I went to the post office to send a letter. There were many people, but it is very quiet there. I felt it's strange. When I prepared to put a stamp, someone stopped my action. I looked around, and everyone stopped action too. At last, I knew that situation. It was robbery, but it was just training of robbery. I was very surpried at it. I cowered at the situation and I couldn't talk anything, because I was very scared. It was a scarest experience of my life.
From Akiko

4 8 I don't believe in God because

Hi, everyone. Today is very hot and I have a sweat profusely. My family is an unbeliever . I don't believe in a religion and God, because I ever lost for two friends. I grieved over the loss of my close friends. If the Got exist in this world, this problem would not have happened. I have don't believe in Got since then. Do you believe in God? and Why? please teach me. Thank you.


1.7 My most embarrassing moment

Hi. Today is very hot and temperature raise up 30 degree! Wow. You know, Japan's summer is very dangerous for me because extremely hot and humid, I don't like it. Anyway today I am going to tell you about my embarrassing moment. Have you ever had embarrassing moment? I have a lot. Before 1 year, when I took a bus, I was very surprised because suddenly a man began on hit one person who sit next to him. He said "don't use a cell phone on bus!" hitting him and shouted. As soon as I heard it, I turned off my cell phone, and there were very silence. No one tell anything, because maybe felt scare. I also wanted to get off a bus very much. It is my embarrassing moment in Osaka.

Friday, June 4, 2010

5.5 I am sad when

Hi. I will be sad if I don't pass the Eiken 2 grade exam. I made the goals when I started studying at YMCA. My goals are 800 scour of TOUIC and at least pre 1 grade of Eiken until I graduate YMCA. The Eiken exam does only 3 times a year so I have to pass the exam that I will take it few weeks later. I really want to have a pre 1 grade at least.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 7 My favorite movie.

Today I want to talk about my favorite movie.My favorite movie is ''only I love you ''Japanese language say '' Tada kimiwo aishiteru'' . Do you know ''Tada kimiwo aishiteru''? The cast is ''Tamaki Hiroshi'' and ''MIyazaki Aoi'' of this movie. I saw it first I was very sad. I watched it many times.If you like a human ending movie, I recommend ' only I love you'

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2.6 The best book that I ever read.

I really like reading. However it's too hard to choose the best book I have ever read, so I will introduce one of the my favorite books. Its title is "Murata efendi Taito-roku " written by Kaho Nashiki. This fiction story is about a Japanese archaeologist, Murata in the Meiji Period. Murata studied in Turkey for his archaeological study, and he associated with academics from various countries and from many kinds of religious groups. This story dose not necessarily have a happy ending, but it's a heartwarming story. Lastly, I'll introduce you my favorite quote from the book, "Homo sum. Humani nil a me alienum puto." It's a saying from an ancient Roman philosopher. It is Latin, and it means that " I'm a human. There is no indifferent thing related to humans." This quotation tells us the importance of a kind deed.

1.6 I have something to tell you teacher.

Hi, Every one. How do you feel today? good? I'm pretty good and today's weather is perfect. Today I will tell you about a teacher who never forget in my life thirteen years ago. When I was a middle-student, I was going to an academy everyday but at that time I really didn't like study and was not interested in study too. So I sometimes didn't go to an academy and my grades were not good at an academy and the school. One day my teacher taught me at an academy called me and taught me about a mathematics and English very slowly, kind and in detail for 2 hours so I understood it and felt interesting about a study. From next day I really started study hard everyday. After six months ago my grades were up high which each subject and teachers and friends were very surprised because my grades were very up suddenly. Since this day my life was changed and I alway appreciated her!

Monday, May 31, 2010

3.4 My favorite television show

My favorite television show is Music Station. It is Music a Program. This is a famous program in Japan. There are a lot of music airtists there every week. An emcee on a this TV television is Mr.Tamori and an girl's announcer. They are always talk in around their life every week. This television is very popular in Japan! I like Music Station.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2.5 My favorite movie.

My favorite movie is The Truman Show(1998)—a picture starring Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey is a comedian and he is also an actor. I've watched almost every films with him in the main role. He often appears in comedy films, and this movie is funny, too. However It is not just a comedy. When I first saw it, I was impressed by its story of Truman's life. I watched it many times. If you watch it, you will enjoy it.

5.5 ways in which troubled kids can be helped

Hi there. The Eiken exam is coming soon. I want to figure out about kids problem. there is two types of children. One of them are wealthy and they have education, and the others are poor and they have been attacked by domestic war. when I saw them in a picture I was very shocked, because they were effected by nuclear weapon, so some of them lost their eyes and they are just waiting for death. the war is happening all the time because it good business. It can't be helped actually. What can I do? I want to pray for stop a war and the world became better and better.


4.6 why I like animals

Hi,everyone. Today is cloudy but little cold, isn't it? I love a hamster because I felt in love with took to it at first sight. I had a hamster at an elementary student. When I invited my friends to come home,I was great shocked at the sight ,It's my friend step on a hamster foot by mistake and dead. I don't have other pets since then. I intend raise something pet in the future.

Friday, May 21, 2010

5.4 My parents

Hi there. I have been lazy nowadays. I'm going to share about my parents. My father does arcitect , and he is very hardworking, and stubborn, but he is good at clean room and cook as well. My mother is working at university of office. She is quite shy but she can take care of people very well. They are busy all the time so that usually I can't talk to them at home. I shall spend to talking with them one day.

Tota Tanaka

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6.5 The meaning of "freedom"

Long time no see everyone. How are you? Today is too hot isn't it? Anyway, I have considered the meaning of "freedom" today, but It is not very easy. Why have I selected this topic? By chance I watched a TV program about the Nelson Mandela's story. I was very impressed by it and was consider on freedom and human rights. From the 11th of June, the World Cup will start, won't it? I hope they won't be terrorism In general, I think freedom is liberty. The right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you or the state of not being a slave. What do you think ?
From Akiko.

4.5 My first flight

Hi, How's it going? I'm pretty good. I 'm going to tell you about my first flight. When I was a elementary student of ten years old. I went to Honolulu in Hawaii with my family. We stayed at a hotel for five days. We went to see magic show. It's interesting and surprise.I had a nice memory and good time.I want to work in America because many exciting thing country.

1.5 My favorite television show

Hi~everyone. Today is rainy but little hot, isn't it? Today I want to talk about my favorite televison show. How often do you watch TV? I don't watch TV everyday but I always watch this TV show. It is the ' London Heart ' . Do you know it? This TV show is really funny and ' Dokkiri, Otoshiana' is one of my favorite program. Dokkiri means surprise someone by trick and Otoshiana means someone falls in a hole. When I saw this TV show first, I laught much more because I have never ever seen like this. If you have a time watching TV, I recommend you this TV show, it is started at 9 o'clock on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3.4 My favorite television show

My favorite television show is Music Station. It is a music program that is famous in Japan. There are a lot of music artists every week. An MC on this TV television is Mr. Tamori and an girl's announcer. They are always talk in around their life every week. This television program is very popular in Japan! I really like Music Station.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

6.4 My first flight

My first flight is when I was a student in the third year of university. I went to Disney land of Flolida in America with my friend. It takes about 12 hourds by plane. We changed transfer at Atlanta in the midnight. By the way I found an airticle of travel abroad with a prize for the winner when I was reading a news paper. I won the prize in a quize. I was really surprise. Finally, I went on a trip at a bargain price with my friend. We were very lucky.
From akiko

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1.4 My favorite movie

Today I want to talk to you about my favorite movie. Do you like movies with a surprise ending ? It is one of my best kinds of movies even though there are many different kinds of movies in the world. So, I watch movies like that. I cannot forget the ending of 'The usual suspects'. Do you know this movie? Bryan Singer, who a film director in 1995, made it. He is one of my favorite movie directors. Kevin Spacey who appeared in this movie is one of my favorite actors , too. His movies are very thrilling, interesting and the story is perfect. When I saw 'The usual suspects' first I was very surprised, because I have never been seen a movie like this. If you like surprise endings in movies, I recommend 'The usual suspects'.

4.4 my best friend.

My best friend is Eiji Yamasita who a vocational school. It's kind of jewelry desing school.He is good-looking and kind. I usually make a phone call to him about my dream and trouble consultation. I met him first in high school . I get along with him since then. His personality is a lot of patience and strict. He is going to go to in Tokyo for his job . I hope the everlasting friend to him.

5.3 my best friend

Hi there. I'm going to write about my best friend. I have a few dear friends. If I had to choose a best friend, I would choose the friend who I met in New Zealand. Her name is Aiko, and she is the same age as me. We live quite near each other when in Japan. She lives in Kyoto and I live in Osaka, so when we met we soon got on well each other. We traveled together a lot, stayed up late and talked about our dreams. We could talk about anything. We still meet in Japan.

Tota Tanaka

1.3 I once had a scary dream.

I once had a scary dream when I worked in the military in 2002. One day I very tired of hard training and sleep soon. In a dream, I was watching TV in my house and I heard little strange sound out of the window. So I looked out the window at that time a stranger tried to entering in my house. I was very surprised and quickely hid behind sofa. I knew that he was thief. He put much money and expensive-looking things in the bag and he immediately left from my house. I shouted loudly " Thief! thief, here is a thief! help me! " but it was not dream. I realised that seniors were getting up because my voice was so loudly. You know? the military is very strick and I felt fear. This was one of my bad ending.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3.3My favorite movie.

My favorite movie is Mr. &Mrs. Smith, because I like Angelina Jolie and Brat Pit very much. I really like her! She is my image of an ideal woman. She is very cool and beautiful. She was also awarded many prizes. Her acting ability is grate! Brat Pit is a wonderful actor in everything he does. This action and power in this movie is wonderful.I like this it very much.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3.3 My favorite movie.

My favorite movie is Mr.&Mrs. Smith, because I like Angelina Jolie and Brat Pit very much. I really like her! She is my image of an ideal woman. She is very cool and beautiful. She was also award many prizes. Her acting ability is great! Brat Pit is a wonderful actor in everything he does. The action and power in this movie is wonderful. I like it very much. This movie's action and force is wonderful. The action and power in this movie is wonderful.

4 3 I am sad when

I have caught a cold for five days in Golden Week. It don’t played with every one and I was in the house for five days. I didn't make homework and study, because I was worn out. The golden week with this year is only bad recollections.


2.3 The things that get me upset

I often leave my belongings behind and sometimes I lose them. This is a bad habit that upsets me. One day after I left my house, I realized that I had forgotten my purse. I immediately turned back. When I got home, I put my purse in my bag and went to the entrance to leave the house again. However this time I misplaced my house key. I looked for the key all over the house, but it wasn't anywhere. I was gradually getting anxious and confused. Finally I went outside and checked the front of the door. I found the key left in the lock. In the end I was late for appointment. I really want to kick this habit.

6.3 My best friend.

I have two best friends. They and I met when we were students at first time. The girls are always very kind for me. If I make a mistake, to be at a loss, they have been advice for me. Then, I always believe what they say. We have already married and We can not see easily. We usually e-mail, write a letter and a telephone each other. I enjoy keeping up with the girls. It's my pleasure that they have been my best friends.
From akiko

1.2 I very much dislike swimming.

I very much dislike swimming because I am afraid into the river, sea, and pool. When I was 5 years, I went to the river to swimming with my brother during summer vacation. I enjoied swimming in river but I drowned soon. I am very surprised and felt fear very much. I shouted ' help me! help me! ' but nobody are there and my brother was so young and he couldnot swimming. After 10 minutes I am saved my life by a person through the river. Afterward this experience I always drowned when I went to the river and sea each time. It is my trauma.

2.2 I once had scary dream.

My scariest dream is of my high school days. I had this dream many times, not just once. When I was a high school student, I belonged to a volley ball club. Our coach was terribly strict, and we were scared of him. In my dream, I took part in a game, and I made lots of mistakes. He was mad and came at me. I always wake up from a dream at this time. Each time I feel relieved when I realize that it is only a dream.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

6.2 This is my hobby.

My hobby is cooking. I really like cooking "Nikujyaga." It's boiled and seasoned. Nikujyaga has all kinds of ingredients in it. I use beef, potato, onion, carrot, shirataki, and water, dashi. Using sliced beef is better. Shirataki is called "Ito konnyaku." Dashi is soup stock. The seasoning are suger, mirin, sake, weak soy sauce. Next, I'll explain how to make "Nikujyaga."At first, cut all the ingredients so they will be bite size. Next, fry them. Then, simmer the meat and vegetables with seasoning for about 40 minites. Sometimes I have to remove the fat from the meat. When the vegetables are soften it will be ready to dish up with "Negi." Finally, I enjoy eating the "Nikujyaga" with my husband. It is delicious. How about you? Do you like Nikujyaga?
From Akiko

Monday, April 26, 2010

5.2 I have a disability

I don't know this symptom could say disability. When I abroaded in New Zealand, suddenly my right side of my face became paralysis and didn't move at all. I was shocked, because my mouth couldn't open good enough big so that was very inconvenient for eating and uncomfortable. Even though, I couldn't laugh well. Therefore I decided to come back to Japan during the abroad so I went to a hospital of nerve and then I have drop infusion for 7 days. Afterwords my face was getting better so I manage to go back to New Zealand again. I over come this situation, so I think I enjoyed New Zealand life more than last term.


Friday, April 23, 2010

3.2 This is my hobby.

My hobby is listening to music. I like music very much. My favorite song is Share the World by Tohosinki. I can relax and be encouraged when I listen to this song. Music is wonderful! I often listen to music in the train or when ride my bike.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 2 This is my father's job.

My father is sixty one years old . he is a taxi driver and free an event company president.It was when he was 50 years old, that he started a company. He before worked for an event plan company. Fashion shows and dinner shows, et cetera were planned.and dispatch e entertainer and the singer a school festival too.I could work by help and experience very well, I respect my father.


Friday, April 16, 2010

3.1 My parents.

My mother is forty years old. She is very kind. She works delivering newspapers every day and as an assistant in surgery. She works at the surgery in the morning and/or night. She always says, "I am tired."She is a wonderful mother and very strong! My father is forty-eight years old. He died by a sudden illness. If he was alive today he would be forty-eight years. He worked as a real estate agent. He was cool and very delicate.I like my mother and my father very much! I believe that I will meet my father somebody in another place. I think my father is keeping an eye on me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5.1 I play a music instrument

Hi. It's Tota. I'm going to talk about myself. I play the guitar, I've been playing the guitar since I was 12. The reason I started playing the guitar is because of church. My mother took me to Minami Osaka Hukuin Church. There were some people in front of me and they were singing songs and playing some instruments like drums, piano, and baseguitar. I was impressed by them, so I started playing the guitar.
I could learn how to play the guitar form my church mates. I went there very often and I really enjoyed it.
Nowadays, I hardly ever play the guitar, but I hope I can play it well as before.

Tota Tanaka

3.1 My parents.

My mother is forty-five years old. She is very kind. She always works delivering newspapers every day and as an assistant in surgery in the morning and/or night. She always say "I am tired."She is wonderful mother!She is very strong!My father is forty-eight years old.

6.1 Did you know that...?

Hello, everyone. I often drink Yakult. Recently, I heard a unique comment about "Yakult bottles " on a TV program. There isn't much Yakult in the bottle, but it's enough. Why do you think that it's very small and has a unique style? The reason is that it is designed so that people cannot drink it in one gulp. If you drink it in one gulp, you won't be satisfied. Did you know that ?
From Akiko.

2.1 My father's job

My father lives in Tokyo. He works at the cosmetic company. I'm so lucky because he always gives me a lot of cosmetics. He is very busy. He often goes abroad on business. I 'm looking forward to the souvenirs that he brings back. The happiest time is when he returns to our family home and then we have dinner with all my family. We are thankful to him all the time, and we hope he will be able to rest and be relaxed once in a while.

Ayami Ishibashi

1.1 My favorite music group.

My favorite music group is Radwimps. I think this group is a J-pop,rock and funky rock band. I have known about a song of Radwimps's Hutarigoto for 4 years. When I listened to this song first, I was very impressed! This song's lyrics are wonderful. I'm sure that if you listen to this song ,you will be impressed. This band's members are very young, so I don't believe that they have written lyrics like this. Please listen to the music of Radwimps. Thank you.

4.1 This is my favorite sport

My favorite sport with basketball. because I had a basketball club of a junior high school.At the time first grader student represent selection basketball team of Osaka city that final selection time be seriously hurt a one leg. Then it was my basketball life the last.
Kazuhiro Yasuda.